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About Us

The Green Ark is environmental organization that works in line with the ethics and principles of permaculture. Our mission is to initiate social changes that are leading toward sustainable and holistic solutions in connecting the people and nature. We strongly support all the actions that radiate and promote peace, cooperation and tolerance among people.


 • We are working on protection and improvement of the living environment.

• We are searching for solutions, promote and educate people in sustainable development.

• We are practicing and promote permaculture design system.


What we do?

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,

the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” - Bill Mollison





The focus of our work is on building a sustainable society, and establishing and promoting practices that make that possible. The Green Ark recognizes permaculture design principles and ethics as a tool for creating a world where people live in cooperation with nature.


The members of our organization have attended Permaculture Design Courses taught by international recognized permaculturists and have earned Permacultural Design Certificates and Permacutural Diplomas, which approves their knowledge and expertise to teach PDC, consult and work on permaculture designs.


We are continually trying as much as possible to involve more people and institutions in our activities, to become familiar with the essence of permaculture and sustainability in general. The projects, workshops, lectures and events we organize give participants knowledge and hands-on experience in permaculture design system.


Establishing the “Educational and Research Center for Permaculture” is our long-term project that aims to create infrastructural conditions and capacities to organize a permaculture demonstration site and conduct educational and research programs.




From the perspective of society or as individuals, the places we live are the points where most of our energy and resources is spent. The Green Ark is working on a program for promoting sustainable architecture and natural building. Solar passive architecture, straw bale buildings, natural building materials, green roofs, renewable energy systems, house water treatment systems and composting toilets are part of the areas we incorporate in our program of workshops and lectures.




Self-sustainable systems do not produce waste. According to permaculture design principles, every product that doesn’t have use and doesn’t “cycle” back to support the functioning of the system is waste. So the products become waste or resources depending on the function we give to them.


We use every occasion to organize workshops in organic “waste” management techniques such as compost production and vermiculture.


The Green Ark is founder-member of the Association Let’s Do It Macedonia. The mission of this association is to provide sustainable solutions for waste management in Macedonia.


Projects & activities



• Educational and research permaculture center/still ongoing/is a project for establishing the first permaculture demonstration site in Macedonia. The mission of the “Educational and Research Permaculture Center” is to work together with individuals or groups of any cultural background, to disseminate the knowledge and practice behind permaculture. This will provide people to become leaders in creating sustainable and resilient local communities.


• Building with straw bales/June 2012/ The Green Ark in cooperation with FASBA (Fachverband Strohballenbau Deutschland eV) – The German National Association of Straw-bale Building, has initiated a series of presentations on sustainable building with straw bales, and sharing experience with German associations and individuals working with straw bales and promoting it as building material.


The presentations are interactive and cover the following topics: sustainable communities / Eco-villages (with special emphasis on the German village Sieben Linden, Eco-architecture, buildings made of straw, building characteristics of straw (thermal and sound insulation, fire systems, building with straw) as well as legislation concerning straw as construction material.  In addition to lectures, this project includes a film projection, an exhibition of photographs and layout plans of buildings where those afore mentioned building principles are used. This approach aims to visually present these techniques and the process of building with straw bales.


• Eco-garden /2008-2009/was a project for greening and designing of 800 m2 of former dump yard in to a garden where people in the same time are introduced to the concept of community permaculture garden and can relax and enjoy the diversity of plants. The site was designed to serve as an example and solution for creating sustainable green urban areas. More than fifty trees were planted; three herb spirals, playground for children and shed-house with living-roof was built.





• Introduction to permaculture course/2013/ The course was held in Youth Cultural Center - Skopje on 13 and 14 of April 2013. Main purpose of this event was to show how permacultural design serves to shape living spaces according to the examples of functional ecosystems in nature. This course covered several  topics as: the beginnings and the development opportunities in the pemaculture; overview of the key principles of pemacultural design; application of permacultural practises in daily life, practical examples of already established permacultural systems and practical exercise of making one element from the permacultural design.


• Workshop for urban gardening/2013/ In this workshop we presented what hugelkultur is. We answered most frequently asked questions like : How straw bales develop nutrients so we can plant our favorite vegetable in them; should we plant directly into the straw bales or we need little compost and soil on top?Twenty five participants  learned how to easily use this technique in their urban gardens.


• Community supported agriculture workshop and seed exchange platform/2013/ The workshop was organized in purpose to explain what community supported agriculture is, and to establish the first group for solitary exchange. We also presented the compatibility of the community supported agriculture and the principles of permaculture. Second part of the workshop was dedicated to the so called seed problem. Here we pinpointed the consequences from the new EU legislative concerning seed material, and proposed and discussed about the possibilities of preventive activism in direction that will enable people to use the techniques for keeping and saving the seeds from traditional and old variety.


• Act for seed freedom/ 2012/ The event was part of the worldwide two week activity Act for seed freedom. The topics on the discussions held were : Free exchange and conservation of seed material; GMO free zones in Macedonia; Seed freedom and food freedom. We also presented the movie Seeds of freedom together with the speech of the author Vandana Shiva. Of course there was exchange of old seeds among the participants on the event.


• The Green Ark for Sermenin - benefit concert/2012/ Most important longterm project in our organization is the establishing of the permaculture demonstration site in the village of Seremenin. Our first task is to reconstruct the old school building where the center will operate. The aim of this event was to raise the awareness for permaculture design system, introduce the project to the public and raise funds creating architecture plans for reconstruction and get building permission. As a part of this hole day event we organized music concert, workshop for building herb spiral, projection of the movie ”Introduction to permaculture design” (ECOFILMS Australia), photo exhibition and distribution of brochures.


The event was supported by the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje (MKC) and the following music bands: Bernays Propaganda, Conquering Lion, Sethstat, Loshi Deca, Podzeman efekat, Canon, Bojan Petkov and Noitu


• Urban permaculture/2011/Set of workshops for urban permaculture technques The aim of the event was to raise the awareness for the (un)sustainability in urban areas, presenting urban permaculture as tool for transforming the city from carbon producing in to carbon sinking ares and to provide space and time for people to gain skills in urban gardening. The program included workshops for constructing herb spiral, composting in 18 days and worm composting, creating raised beds.


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